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This is a concise listing of all events in this country that are associated with the International Year of Crystallography 2014 and its follow-up initiatives.

4th Aug 2013 15th International Summer School on Crystal Growth Gdańsk
11th Aug 2013 17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy Warsaw
17th Oct 2013 Jan Czochralski commemorative seminar Poznań
27th Oct 2013 National Symposium for Chemistry Students' Association Jeziory near Poznan,The Great Poland National Park
23rd Nov 2013 Crystallography - a different point of view Poznań
14th Jan 2014 University Lectures on CK Zamek Poznań, CK Zamek
2nd Apr 2014 Lecture for Geology Students' Association Poznań
9th Apr 2014 The unusual world of crystallography - from the crystal to the atom Lodz
9th Apr 2014 The Role of Crystallography in the Discovery of the DNA Double Helix Poznań
10th Apr 2014 What every chemist owes to crystallography Lodz
11th Apr 2014 Unveiling of Laue Memorial Plate Poznan
14th Apr 2014 Polish Crystallography: Past, Present and Future Biological and Chemical Research Centre, 101, Zwirki and Wigury Street, Warsaw
14th May 2014 5th Meeting X-ray and other techniques in investigations of the objects of cultural heritage Krakow
14th May 2014 In the unusual world of crystals - exhibition Krakow
23rd May 2014 What do we owe to Crystallography - Protein Crystallization Workshops Lodz University of Technology, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences
14th Jun 2014 II lukowian festival of science and culture Łuków
15th Jun 2014 12th International School and Symposium on Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Science Warsaw
17th Jun 2014 V Session of MSc and PhD Students of chemistry of academic and research institutions from Lodz Lodz
1st Jul 2014 Biocrystallography for the high-throughput era Bialystok
8th Sep 2014 ONI eksperymentują! Mysłowice
15th Sep 2014 Crystal chemistry symposium (part of Polish Chemical Society Annual Meeting) Czestochowa
23rd Sep 2014 Structural Biology and its Translation into Practice and Business, my Experience Poznan
8th Oct 2014 YoungChem2014 Szczecin
16th Oct 2014 16th Festival of Science and Culture in Siedlce Siedlce
Special issue of "Chemical News" (in Polish) A special issue of Polish journal "Chemical news" on crystal chemistry, 10 full papers covering different areas of crystal chemistry.
W Ramach Miedzynarodowego Roku Krystalografii – IYCr2014 Uniwersytet Jagielloński An article by Alicja Rafalska-Łasocha on Alma Mater journal, vol. 167, 2014
Poland: National Crystallographic Olympiad Wroclaw The Committee of Crystallography of the Polish Academy of Sciences has decided to organize, starting from 2014, an annual "National Crystallographic Olympiad" (Ogólnopolska Olimpiada Krystalograficzna).
Poland: The role of crystals in human life Krakow A competition for secondary-school and university students. It is organised to increase public awareness of the presence of crystals in everyday life and the way in which crystallography underlies most technological developments in our modern society.
Polish commemorative stamp issue Poznan The Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society in cooperation with Polish Mail have issued a limited series of four postal stamps to mark the International Year of Crystallography IYCr2014.  
Poland: Crystal growth competition for schoolchildren To celebrate the International Year of Crystallography and the Year of Czochralski, a competition of crystal growth fro schoolchildren is organized by the Institute of Physics, University of Silesia with support of the Polish Society for Crystal Growth, Polish Academy of Science and the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology.