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This is a concise listing of all events in this country that are associated with the International Year of Crystallography 2014 and its follow-up initiatives.

6th Jun 2013 Past, Present, and Future of Crystallography@Politecnico di Milano: From Small Molecules to Macromolecules and Supramolecular Structures Milano
4th Sep 2013 Crystallography Beyond Diffraction, 2nd Edition Camerino
12th Sep 2013 Round-table on IYCr2014 at MISSCA Como
27th Sep 2013 The room of crystals Parma
6th Oct 2013 CRISTALLI! Padova
19th Oct 2013 L'enigma Escher Reggio Emilia
1st Nov 2013 Edible crystals... can you believe it? Genova
2nd Nov 2013 Crystals to wear Palazzo Ducale, Sala del Minor Consiglio P.zza Matteotti 9 - Genova
21st Nov 2013 Natta's seeds grow Milan, Politecnico di Milano
8th Jan 2014 NIS colloquium on "Time and space resolved techniques with Synchrotron Radiation beams" Turin
18th Jan 2014 Crystals that change Piazza Maggiore, Bologna
13th Feb 2014 From Penrose tilings to Siberian glaciers: the extraordinary search for natural quasicrystals Aula Magna of the University of Florence
22nd Feb 2014 Crystalline precision Piazza Maggiore, Bologna
3rd Mar 2014 2014: un mondo di cristalli Parma
13th Mar 2014 Giornata di Inaugurazione IYCr2014@UNISA Fisciano
20th Mar 2014 La Cristallografia a Milano nel centenario della scoperta: Scienze della Terra, Chimica, Polimeri, Scienze della Vita Palazzo Brera – Via Brera 28, Milano – Sala delle Adunanze
10th Apr 2014 Viaggio nel mondo dei cristalli - A journey into the world of crystals Alessandria
11th Apr 2014 Alla Scoperta dei Cristalli: la cristallografia per svelare i misteri della materia e le sue proprietà Naples
15th Apr 2014 Exploring the nanoworld Siena
28th Apr 2014 The Discovery of X-ray Diffraction: from Crystals to the Structure of DNA Siena
30th Apr 2014 XII Edition SoNS School Erice (Sicily, Italy)
8th May 2014 La doppia elica del DNA: la storia della scoperta Benevento
19th May 2014 The International Year of Crystallography IYCr2014 at Siena Siena
28th May 2014 SIMPLy CRIST Sesto Fiorentino, FIRENZE
30th May 2014 International School of Crystallography: 47th Course Erice
1st Jun 2014 Let's Play with Crystals Siena
5th Jun 2014 We wanted to see the atoms: 100 years of crystallography Alessandria
6th Jun 2014 GMT2014 Tavagnasco mineralogical days Tavagnasco (Piedmont)
10th Jun 2014 International Expo/Sir Workshop Bari
11th Jun 2014 Crystals! at Unimi Milano
13th Jun 2014 La simmetria, i cristalli, le strutture, Escher, le opere, le mirabili molecole io canto Caraglio
18th Jun 2014 1st International Symposium on Halogen Bonding (ISXB-1) Porto Cesareo (LECCE)
25th Jun 2014 Impact of Crystallography on Modern Science Turin
28th Aug 2014 First European Crystallography School Pavia
10th Sep 2014 Plenary Lecture at the first SGI-SIMP meeting Milano
15th Sep 2014 2nd Joint AIC-SILS conference Florence
26th Sep 2014 The wonders of crystals at the Researchers' Night in Parma Parma
8th Oct 2014 Cristallography…the beauty of order Torino
11th Oct 2014 CRISTALLI!@Parma Parma
13th Oct 2014 IYCr2014: Challenges in Crystallography Rome
16th Oct 2014 Crystal (cl)Year Torino
18th Oct 2014 Crystals around us: food, spa and medicines Parma
31st Oct 2014 Crystal or treat? Halloween at CRISTALLI!@PARMA Parma
5th Nov 2014 Cristalli ... ad arte Vercelli
3rd Dec 2014 Precession Electron Diffraction Siena
24th Jan 2015 Cristalli ai raggi X Modena
Birth and impact of X-ray crystallography A historical perspective by Davide Viterbo, published in Il Nuovo Saggiatore.
Italian commemorative postmark Pavia

A commemorative postmark has been issued by the Italian Post Office to mark the inauguration of the First European Crystallography School, as part of the IYCr 2014 celebrations.

Cristallografia: la visione a raggi X Teaching pamphlet for high school teachers written in Italian
CrystallinItaly: Crystallography at your door A list of 100 prominent italian sites spanning from monuments to historical places to natural beauties linked to crystallography
Tuscany (Italy): Crystal Growing Competition Sesto Fiorentino (FI) First Crystal Growing Competition organized in Tuscany for pupils of high schools to celebrate the International Year of Crystallography. The competition is organized in the framework of the "Progetto Lauree Scientifiche" (Scientific Degrees Project).