Event Name Let's Play with Crystals
Start Date 1st Jun 2014 11:00am
End Date 1st Jun 2014 6:00pm
Duration 7 hours
Description Giochiamo con i Cristalli (Let's play with Crystals)

The gazebo "Let's Play with Crystals" offers an interactive laboratory to describe the fascinating symmetry and beauty of crystals with the help of models and microscopes. 

Organizers: FMS Fondazione Musei Senesi, SIMUS Sistema Museale Universitario Senese, MST Museo Scienze della Terra

Moderator: Giancarlo Pagani (curator Museo di Scienze della Terra, Università di Siena)

Venue: Orto Botanico, Università di Siena, via Mattioli 4, Siena (Italy), 1 June 2014, 11 am - 6 pm

Target: schoolchildren and beyond

Location Siena
Contact Miguel Gregorkiewitz
URL http://www301.regione.toscana.it/bancadati/sistemacultura/getSchedaEventoById.xml?idEventoReq=22646
Category activities for schoolchildren