IYCr events coordinator

Abdelmalek Thalal

Co-ordinating organization - IUCr Adhering Body

 Regional Committee of Crystallographers from Algeria, Latvia, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine

Forthcoming events

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This is a concise listing of all events in this country that are associated with the International Year of Crystallography 2014 and its follow-up initiatives.

24th Oct 2013 5th Moroccan School of Crystallography Oujda
16th Nov 2013 14th IUBMB Conference Marrakech
19th Mar 2014 Semaine de l'Etudiant Marrakech
20th May 2014 Bruker OpenLab Morocco Rabat and Agadir
23rd Apr 2015 Crystallography for the next generation: the legacy of IYCr Rabat