Event Name XII Edition SoNS School
Start Date 30th Apr 2014 12:00am
End Date 9th May 2014 12:00am
Duration 9 days


The School Francesco Paolo Ricci is an international school established in 1994, entitled to Prof. Francesco Paolo Ricci who promoted with outstanding efforts the development of neutron research in Italy also actively contributing to the establishment of international agreements between the Italian Research Council (CNR) and the European International Neutron Facilities. The school provides a comprehensive training in the fundamental concepts of neutron scattering.

The school provides an excellent introduction to neutron scattering which is developed through to its application in contemporary research. It consists mainly of lectures and tutorials covering both the theory and technical aspects of neutron scattering with a particular emphasis on applications to Cultural Heritage. In addition to lectures on theory, sources, and neutron instrumentation, students will be tutored by world leading experts in the various scattering techniques including diffraction, quasi-elastic and inelastic scattering, imaging, small-angle scattering, reflectometry, and neutron-spin-echo.


The XII edition of the School will be held at the ETTORE MAJORANA FOUNDATION AND CENTRE FOR SCIENTIFIC CULTURE (EMCSC)  as a Course within the International School of Solid State Physics (Director: Giorgio Benedek).

School Director: Ian Anderson (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US)

School Vice-Directors: Gabriele Salvato (CNR, IT), Antonella Scherillo (ISIS, UK)

Target Audience: Students attending universities majoring in physics, chemistry, materials science, or related fields.

Location Erice (Sicily, Italy)
Contact Carla Andreani
URL http://www.sonsfpricci.org/sons-school-2014
Category schools and workshops