Event Name Exploring the nanoworld
Start Date 15th Apr 2014 11:00am
End Date
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Esplorando il Nanomondo (Exploring the nanoworld)

Lecturer: Dr Enrico Mugnaioli

Venue: 15 April 2014, 11:00 am, Aula Magna Storica, Dipartimento Scienze Fisiche, Terra, Ambiente, via Laterina 8, Siena (Italy)

In nanomaterials - but not only - single crystals, which are the ideal starting point for structure determination, are too small to obtain X-ray diffraction patterns. It has long been known that electrons diffract much stronger with matter, but only recently it became technically feasible to solve the crucial problem of obtaining well defined diffracted intensities by Electron Diffraction Tomography (EDT).

Enrico Mugnaioli, principal investigator of a recently granted FIR project about the development of EDT in Italy, will explain the fundamentals of the technique and its possible applications to geological, environmental and materials sciences.

Location Siena
Contact Miguel Gregorkiewitz
URL http://www.dsfta.unisi.it/it/eventi/seminario-esplorando-il-nanomondo-tem-e-diffrazione-elettronica-tomografica
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