Event Name Jan Czochralski commemorative seminar
Start Date 17th Oct 2013
End Date
Duration N/A
Description In October 2013 at the Department of Chemistry of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Umultowska 89, lectures on Jan Czochralski scientific achievements and on crystal growth methods will be given by Prof. Anna Pajączkowska (Institute of Electronic Materials Technology, Warsaw, Poland) and by Dr. Reinhardt Uecker (Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth, Berlin, Germany). The lectures will be accompanied by a travelling exhibition devoted to Jan Czochralski.

In conjunction with IYCr2014, the year 2013 is celebrated in Poland as the Year of Jan Czochralski (1885-1953) – crystallographer, chemist, metallurgist, the forefather of the electronic industry, most known for the development of the single-crystal growth method commonly used in the fabrication of silicon wafers.


Location Poznań
Contact Maria Gdaniec
URL http://www.mnisw.gov.pl/en/the-jan-czochralski-year/
Category seminars