Event Name What every chemist owes to crystallography
Start Date 10th Apr 2014
End Date
Duration N/A
Description Panel discussion on the occasion of the International Year of Crystallography:

The Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Lodz (Poland) will be the site of a panel discussion focused on current problems of crystallography and its historical influence on the development of other, important sectors of chemical sciences such as organic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, etc.. The discussion will be chaired by the Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, Professor Grzegorz Mloston (an organic chemist).  Alongside with a group of associate of the host Faculty, representatives of other academic and research institutions from Lodz, Poznan and Warsaw are invited to participate actively in the discussion.   

The panel discussion is scheduled for Thursday, April 10th and it is considered as a vital part of XIVth Festival of Science, Technology and the Arts held traditionally every year in April, in Lodz.

Location Lodz
Contact Grzegorz Mlostoń
URL http://www.festiwal.lodz.pl/
Category seminars