Wearable Crystallography

Ties are told to be a somewhat "boring" present. However, just before Christmas in the IYCr, ones are presented where this is definitely NOT the case:
First examples have been displayed for some time, but now the first series-produced ties are available, whose pattern is not product of artistic imagination but of crystallographic research. The stylish accessories on the picture are decorated by the crystal structure of dumortierite (find out more about this mineral on MinDat or WebMineral). They were designed by a crystallographer and produced in the most traditional tie producing manufactory in Vienna (Austria, Europe). The result is a very high quality working out of a high quality fabric. They are available in limited edition via the given homepage and contact information.
This is not only an appropriate gift for crystallographers, material scientitst, mineralogists and other geoscietists but is intended to astound friends and to communicate our science.

Contact Robert Krickl
URL http://www.r-krickl.com/ties
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