Event Name IYCr2014 Leuven lecture series
Start Date 11th Mar 2014 8:00pm
End Date
Duration N/A
Description To celebrate the International Year of Crystallography, the Faculty of Science of KU Leuven organizes a lecture series.

Programme of the events

21 February 2014, 1.00 pm, Promotion Hall
Quasi-periodic crystals - a paradigm shift in crystallography
Opening Lecture by Dan Shechtman, 2011 Nobel Prize in chemistry
Registration for this event is no longer possible.

11 March 2014, 8.00 pm, Zoological Institute
With von Laue and Bragg's in the cradle of modern crystallography
Luc Van Meervelt

8 April 2014, 8.00 pm, Zoological Institute
From plastics to food: order and disorder in soft matter
Bart Goderis

9 September 2014, 8.00 pm, Zoological Institute
X-ray crystallography to unravel the three-dimensional structure of proteins
Chris Ulens 

21 October 2014, 8.00 pm, Zoological Institute
Crystallography with nuclei: neutron and gamma rays
Kris Temst

13 December 2014, 3.00 pm, Aula Pieter De Somer
Giant Crystals: The science behind the beauty
Final Lecture - Christmas Lecture by Juanma Garcia Ruiz 

Location Leuven
Contact Luc Van Meervelt
URL http://wet.kuleuven.be/wetenschapinbreedbeeld/jaarvandekristallografie
Category lectures