Event Name HKL...XYZ
Start Date 9th Aug 2014 7:00pm
End Date 9th Aug 2014 9:00pm
Duration 2 hours
An Immersive Interactive Installation 

"HKL•••XYZ" is a project created under the auspices of the GRAND NCE Media Artist and Scientist Collaboration which supports cross-disciplinary projects that work to build constructive exchange and partnership between the arts and sciences. Co-Sponsored by The Canada Council for the Arts, artist Daniel J Wilson and scientist Albert Berghuis were selected as one of four artist/scientist partnerships for the year 2014.

Wilson and Berghuis are working closely with collaborators Dr. Jaeok Park and programmer Eva Schindling on the project.

The broad aim of the artwork is to embody a connection between real and reciprocal space.  This is being attempted through an immersive installation in which the audience member uses an Oculus Rift head-mounted display to enter a 3D world in which they can physically "walk" within the diffraction pattern of a molecule (i.e. reciprocal space).  The position of the audience member is tracked using a Kinect and fed to a second program which projects the electron density map of the same molecule.

**Note** This is a very early prototype of the work which means:
1. The technology is functional but rough and often glitchy
2. The conceptual framework and visual implementation are still in development phases. This means you are not going to see something polished but also means that it is a great time to provide feedback and suggestions. The hope is that the experience may perhaps spark ideas that we have not even considered as of yet.

We welcome you to join us for a first public presentation of the project.

Saturday, August 9, 7-9pm

Room 522a




Location Montreal
Contact Daniel J Wilson
Category exhibitions