Event Name Geocrystals: A Journey to the World of Minerals
Start Date 26th Nov 2014
End Date 29th Nov 2014
Duration 4 days

This exhibition will take the visitors on an exciting journey through the wonderful world of minerals. A collection of 40 mineral samples from Chile and the rest of the world will be shown to the public to illustrate that their different colors and crystalline forms are the consequence of their chemical compositions and atomic structures. "Geocrystals: A Journey to the World of Minerals" will be opened to the general public in the city of Valdivia, southern Chile, from 26th to 29th November. This initiative is organized by the School of Geology of the Universidad Austral de Chile to celebrate the International Year of Crystallography in our country.

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Location Valdivia
Contact Manuel Schilling
URL http://www.geocristales.cl/
Category exhibitions