Event Name School of crystallization and polymorphism
Start Date 27th Jan 2014
End Date 31st Jan 2014
Duration 5 days

This course will deal with theoretical aspects of physico-chemical knowledge of crystallization methods and crystallography, applied to crystal growth, crystal structural characterization, materials science, industrial crystallization, nanotechnology and pharmaceutical drugs. Practical aspects will include handling database tools for the crystallization and determination of molecular structures. Experience will be gained in the use of specific crystallography and pharmaceutical databases.

This kind of school (the first one in Costa Rica) is very useful for post-graduate students with intensive courses giving an overview of crystallization and polymorphism.

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Location San José
Contact Andrea Araya Sibaja
URL http://www.farmacia.ucr.ac.cr/accion-social/curso-cristalizacion-y-polimorfismo.html
Category schools and workshops