Event Name Exhibition "Des cristaux et des Hommes" ("Crystals and Men")
Start Date 14th Nov 2014
End Date 16th Nov 2014
Duration 3 days

The exhibition "Crystals and Men" for the general public and schoolchildren is organized by the association "Au pays de Cernès" and "CAP-Terre", with various collaborations.

Starting with an exhibition of remarkable minerals, the aim is to show the evolution of techniques that allowed to define the crystal structure: from the crystal shape to the atomic arrangement going through the structures detected by modern instruments used in extreme conditions of pressure and temperature or in the fields of biology and artificial materials.

The program includes workshops for schools, an exhibition of minerals, instruments and posters, demonstrations, booths and conferences.

Location Gradignan
Contact Marc Blanchard
URL http://www.aicr2014.fr/index.php/agenda/icalrepeat.detail/2014/11/14/110/78|79|80|81/exposition-des-cristaux-et-des-hommes
Category exhibitions