Event Name Exhibition "Gemmes, une brillante histoire" ("Gems, a bright story")
Start Date 6th Jul 2014
End Date 5th Oct 2014
Duration 92 days
Description The exhibition "Gemmes, une brillante histoire" ("Gems, a bright story") will look like a trip to the heart of the history of gems from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century, at the option of paintings, prints, art objects >, manuscripts and crystals into three thematic courses:  

- Man, crystal, pearl and coral: myths and symbols

- King, Prince and Bishop: gems in majesty

- the science of gems

Many events will be organized around the exhibition: concerts, conferences, demonstrations, ...


More information at http://www.aicr2014.fr and http://www.musee-saint-antoine.fr

Location Musée de Saint-Antoine-l’Abbaye
Contact Marc Blanchard
URL http://www.aicr2014.fr/index.php/agenda/icalrepeat.detail/2014/07/06/97/78|79|80|81/exposition-gemmes-une-brillante-histoire
Category exhibitions