Event Name International Summer School of Crystallography at DESY Hamburg
Start Date 11th May 2014
End Date 17th May 2014
Duration 7 days

International Summer School of Crystallography (11–17 May 2014)

Tutor: Prof. Carmelo Giacovazzo

Speakers: Prof. Henry Chapman (CFEL), Dr. Thomas Schneider (EMBL), Dr. Gleb Bourenkov (EMBL), Dr. Thomas A. White (CFEL), Dr. Adrian Mancuso (European X-FEL)

Venue: Center for Free-Electron Laser Science at DESY, Hamburg (Germany)

Sponsors: Hamburg Center for Ultrafast Imaging (CUI - Excellence Cluster), PIER Helmholtz Graduate School, IMPRS-UFAST Graduate School (Max-Planck Society)

We are pleased to announce the first International Summer School of Crystallography at the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science at DESY, Hamburg (Germany). In course of the International Year of Crystallography 2014, Prof. Carmelo Giacovazzo will give a full week of lectures on the basics of crystallography, as well as the basics of modern phasing methods in protein crystallography. The course will cover basic mathematical understanding of crystallographic point and space groups, diffraction experiments, structure factor calculations, systematic absences, determination of space groups and many additional topics.
After the discussions of theory, one afternoon will be spent to learn about modern applications of protein crystallography using advanced light sources, such as 3rd genereation synchrotrons and X-FELs.
The course will be given mainly for PhD students working in the field of crystallography, but exceptions for motivated PostDocs and MSc students can be made. The course will mostly cover mathematical background of crystallography, hence we are looking for students, having a (bio)physics background. This will NOT be a workshop covering protein crystallographic programs but rather the theory behind those programs.

The registration fees are currently discussed (most likely around 150 EUR), accommodation will be arranged by the DESY guest house and has to be covered separately by each applicant. The course will start Sunday (11.05.2014) around lunch and will end Saturday (17.05.2014) around lunch.

Application deadline will be end of February 2014 and notification of accepted applications will be sent during March 2014.
Applicants must provide a motivation letter, as well as a CV, directly to the organizer Cornelius Gati (cornelius.gati@cfel.de).

Please contact Cornelius Gati regarding further questions (cornelius.gati@desy.de).

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Hamburg!

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Location Hamburg
Contact Cornelius Gati
URL http://conferences.cfel.de/issc14/
Category schools and workshops