Event Name Chai and Why? (Science Cafe) : As clear as crystal
Start Date 6th Jul 2014 11:00am
End Date 6th Jul 2014 1:00pm
Duration 2 hours
"As clear as crystal"
Arnab Bhattacharya

The beauty of crystals - gemstones, snowflakes, grains of sugar and salt - has intrigued us since ancient times. Only in the early 20th century did X-rays allow one to "see" the regular arrangement of atoms in crystalline materials. 2014, the UN's International Year of Crystallography, marks the centenary of the discovery of X-ray diffraction, a very significant finding that led to many advances in science: from the structure of diamonds and DNA, to cocoa butter in chocolate, there's certainly much to Bragg about!

Chai and Why?

Sunday, July 6, 2014, 11am-1pm

Venue: Prithvi Theatre, Janki Kutir, Juhu Church Road, Mumbai 

About the speaker: Arnab Bhattacharya is a scientist at TIFR and a passionate science communicator, who pioneered the “Chai-and-Why?” series.

Location Mumbai, Prithvi Theatre, Juhu
Contact Arnab Bhattacharya
URL https://www.facebook.com/events/891554810858133/
Category lectures