Event Name International Conference on Crystal Growth and Biomolecular Crystallography (ICCGBC - 2014)
Start Date 28th Nov 2014 9:00am
End Date 29th Nov 2014 4:30pm
Duration 1 day, 7 hours and 30 minutes
Description This conference marks the celebration of the International Year of Crystallography-2014, announced by UNECSO, in order to honor the occasion of 100 years since the first X-ray diffraction experiment carried out by Max von Laue, William and Lawrence Bragg. The discoveries made by them a century ago revolutionized fields from mineralogy to biology, to study the three-dimensional structure of molecules at atomic resolution. To date, nearly two dozen Nobel Prizes have been awarded for the discoveries involving X-ray crystallography. This conference will be addressed by several renowned crystallographers and crystal growers.

Location Thanjavur
Contact R. Bairava Ganesh
URL http://sastra.edu/iccgbc/
Category conferences