Event Name Joint Congress of Asian Crystallization Technology Symposium-2014 and 11th International Workshop on Crystal Growth of Organic Materials
Start Date 17th Jun 2014
End Date 20th Jun 2014
Duration 4 days
Description The aim of this joint congress is to provide a forum for broad scientific and technological exchange among researchers from all around the world, focusing on the following topics:
  • Mechanism of Nucleation and Crystal Growth
  • Crystallization at Extreme Conditions and in External Fields
  • In-situ Monitoring and Control of Nucleation and Crystal Growth Process
  • Technologies for Purification, Waste Treatment and Recovery
  • Crystallizer
  • Modeling of Crystallization Process
  • Crystallization Process Design, Simulation and Control
  • Stabilization of Amorphous
  • Epitaxial Growth
  • Polymorphism
  • Phase Transitions
  • Crystal Structure
  • Intermolecular Interactions
  • Chirality and Resolution
  • Cocrystal
  • Growth of Biological Materials and Biologically-Directed Growth
  • Biomineralization
  • Nanostructures and Nanoporous Crystals
  • Liquid Crystals
  • Novel Materials and Structure

Location Nara
Contact Hidehiro Uekusa
URL http://www.crystal.h.kyoto-u.ac.jp/index.html
Category conferences