Event Name Celebrating the International Year of Crystallography
Start Date 26th Sep 2014 6:00pm
End Date 5th Oct 2014 11:00pm
Duration 9 days and 5 hours

You cannot fit Science in one box? Think again! Logix Creative and Daaa Haus have been entrusted with the conceptualisation, design and fabrication of the science installation in Pjazza St George during the Science In The City 2014 and Notte Bianca 2014 happenings on Saturday 26th September and Saturday 4th October 2014 respectively - and, judging from the blue prints, they have done just that!

Introducing AMAZE2: a massive installation in the shape of a giant cube housing a maze that plans to portray the various elements of science in a fun and eclectic way. The Installation, a journey through various rooms arranged as a full size maze, will take the visitor through various representations and interactive exhibits of science. From the weather to the big bang, from the earth to the human body, from solar energy to renewable energy, no stone will be left unturned. Logix/Daaa are also thinking outside the box – literally, as around the installation various exhibits featuring Lufthansa, with an array of interactive displays designed to experience the science around flight engineering, a car manufacturer displaying a fleet of EV vehicles and a Beer manufacturer sponsoring a Beer Haus experiment bar will offer patrons tons of entertainment while they warm up before cooling down after the experience of the AMAZE2 cube.

This cube will contain a tech-biogarden where the audience can play with devices and make their own sounds with the living systems. An art installation by IZAXA in collaboration with biochemist Rosalin Bonetta, Laboratory of Biochemistry and Protein Science (Dept. of Physiology and Biochemistry, University of Malta), under the supervision of Professor G. Hunter and Dr T. Hunter, invites participants to celebrate the 100th anniversary since the start of X-ray Crystallography. Another area will house artefacts inspired by the CERN particle accelerator that's trying to explain the wonders of the Universe.

AMAZE2 will offer visitors of all ages an accessible exhibition of educational displays that puts science in their hands. With the aid of Science in the City Consortium, Notte Bianca, Biopilot, Izaxa and V.18 Logix/Daaa will fit Science in the box and mix it with art and culture to form an epic assault on the senses. Everyone will be truly AMAZED – squared.

Location Valletta
Contact Rosalin Bonetta
URL http://scienceinthecity.org.mt/amaze2/
Category exhibitions