Event Name Lecture by Professor Robert Huber
Start Date 23rd Jun 2014 3:00pm
End Date 23rd Jun 2014 4:00pm
Duration 1 hour

As part of the celebrations for IYCr2014 at the FCT-NOVA, Professor Robert Huber, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, will give a lecture on "Beauty and Fitness for Purpose: the architecture of proteins, the building blocks of life"

Atomic views of protein structures are determined with increasing pace in the last twenty years by a rapid development of methods and instrumentation of protein crystallography, electron microscopy, and nuclear magnetic resonance, allowing the determination of very large and complex protein structures. These structures document the beauty and unlimited versatility of the proteins ́ architecture, but reveal also unexpected relationships, allowing views on biological evolution far back in time. The structures are a basis for understanding the proteins’ binding specificities and catalytic properties (chemistry), their spectral and electron transfer properties (physics), and their roles in physiological systems (biology and medicine). They allow design and development of specific ligands of target proteins opening novel strategies for therapeutic intervention and development of new medicaments and for plant protection.The basis of the studies described and of molecular biology in general is X–ray diffraction of crystals, discovered by Laue in 1912 in München. We celebrated the Laue Centennial in the year 2012 and commemorate the International Year of Crystallography in 2014. With a few slides I shall discuss history and development of Laue’s discovery, which revolutionized many fields of science.



Location Caparica
Contact Ana Luisa Carvalho
URL http://xtal.dq.fct.unl.pt/iycr2014
Category lectures