Event Name 25th Russian Conference on Electron Microscopy
Start Date 2nd Jun 2014
End Date 6th Jun 2014
Duration 5 days
Description The 25th Russian Conference on Electron Microscopy is organized by the Scientific Committee of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Electron Microscopy, the Institute of Microelectronics Technology and High Purity Materials RAS, Chernogolovka, and the Institute of Crystallography RAS, Moscow.

Conference devoted to the development and application of electron and probe microscopy in solid state physics, materials science, chemistry, geology, biology, medicine, nanotechnology and and industry. The program of the Conference includes original talks, poster communications, round tables and informal discussions of present-day achievements in scanning electron microscopy.


  • Transmission electron microscopy (analytical, low-voltage, scanning).
  • Electron microscopy in the studies of new materials, nanostructures included.
  • Methods of electron diffraction and electron crystallography.
  • Electron optics and new instruments.
  • Probe scanning microscopy.
  • Scanning electron microscopy.
  • Focused electron and ion beams in the analysis of materials.
  • Electron and ion lithography.
  • Electron and probe microscopy in chemistry and geology.
  • Electron, probe and focal scanning microscopy in biology and medicine.

Location Chernogolovka, Moscow region
Russian Federation
Contact V.V. Kazmiruk
URL http://purple.ipmt-hpm.ac.ru/sem/engl_1/index.htm
Category conferences