Event Name Crystals and Planets
Start Date 7th Feb 2014 12:00am
End Date 7th Feb 2014 12:40am
Duration 40 minutes

A public lecture at the Novosibirsk Planetarium as a part of the Day of Sciences in Russia. 

The lecture introduces the International Year of Crystallography, explains what crystals are, how they are studied, what can crystallography do for us. We discuss how studying crystals helps to explore Space, and how exploring Space helps to grow and study crystals. The lecture is preceeded by the IUCr movie "What crystallography can do for you"

Target audience: school-children (10-13 years old)
Language: Russian
Duration: 40 minutes

Location Novosibirsk
Contact Elena Boldyreva
URL http://nebo-nsk.nios.ru/school/uch
Category activities for schoolchildren