Event Name Second All Russian Scientific Conference
Start Date 21st Oct 2013
End Date 25th Oct 2013
Duration 5 days

We are pleased to announce the Second All‐Russian Conference to be held in Novosibirsk on 21‐25 October 2013.
Complex diagnostics of functional materials is the basis for the investigation and optimization of their properties. The objectives of the conference is to discuss the current state of the physical and chemical methods of research and their application to a wide range of functional materials: conductors, semiconductors, superconductors, magnetic and optical materials, phosphors, thermochromic materials, catalysts, adsorbents, membranes, polymers. Such materials can be crystalline and/or amorphous composites, thin films, nanostructures, high‐purity substances.
Special attention will be devoted to the chemical and physical methods for studying the composition and structure of nanomaterials. The experience of the previous conference MISSFM‐2009 showed that this is a multidisciplinary area with numerous research groups that specialize in various disciplines. The conference is held on the eve of the International Year of Crystallography (2014) declared by the United Nations, and dedicated to the centenary of the discovery of X‐ray diffraction.
We invite experts in the field of X‐ray diffraction and X‐ray analysis, spectral, magnetic resonance techniques, electron and probe microscopy, methods of chemical analysis and other methods to take part in the conference.

Location Novosibirsk
Contact Elena Boldyreva
URL http://conf.nsc.ru/missfm-2/ru/missfm-2_eng
Category conferences