Event Name Bibliographical exhibition IYCr2014
Start Date 1st Oct 2014
End Date 31st Dec 2014
Duration 92 days and 1 hour
Description The Library of the Faculty of Sciences University of A Coruña performs a physical and virtual exhibition based on its bibliographical resources on crystallography. This exhibition includes a selection of books covering all aspects of crystallography (Mineralogy, Biology, Chemistry, Materials Science ...). Also includes a selection of scientific production on crystallographic topics of researchers from our University. To this end, we have developed posters and bookmarks that will be complemented by activities through social networks. This is intended to inform both the value of crystallography and its many nuances and its connection with the rest of science. The main objective is therefore to spread these issues among future researchers who are now students at the University.

Location A Coruña
Contact Biblioteca da Facultade de Ciencias da UDC
URL http://ciencias.udc.es/biblioteca/exposicions/2014
Category exhibitions