Event Name Competition of Crystallization in Schools - Final
Start Date 11th May 2013
End Date
Duration N/A

KRYSTALLA PROJECT is an outreach project of CSIC - Triana - Discover Foundation, for the International Year of Crystallography (IYCr2014)
Contest Director: Juan Manuel García Ruiz

The Schools Crystallization Contest, aimed at students and teachers in secondary and high schools, aims primarily to use the natural attraction of the phenomenon of crystallization to teach high school students how to make and enjoy science, and about working in the field of science. The contest format involves all the ingredients of the scientific method: from research laboratory to the presentation of results in a forum-type 'scientific conference'. The Contest values ​​creativity, experimental work, the work plan, analysis of results, design of the posters and their presentation.

The Final Contest was held in the Faculty of Science at the University of Granada May 11, 2013 with more than 200 high school students, from the provinces of Seville, Granada, Malaga, Cadiz and Cordoba, and was judged by a panel of highly respected researchers and representatives from scientific associations. Each of the 40 participating schools in the final was represented by a team of three students and a teacher who presented a selection of the crystals obtained, and a scientific poster detailing the objectives, materials, methods, results and conclusions.

The contest began in November 2012 with the organization of four courses for secondary school teachers in the provinces of Granada, Seville, Jaen, Cordoba, Malaga and Cadiz with the help of the CEP in these cities. In total, 63 teachers attended, and learned to use scientific-didactic tools for conducting crystallization experiments with their students. They also learned the importance of crystallography and crystallization in industrial troubleshooting and drug development, among other applications.

During the months of January to May, teachers and over 1,500 students conducted crystallization experiments in the classroom in the four aspects of the contest: a) crystallizing ammonium monophosphate, b) formation of geodes, c) crystallization from common salt, d) crystallization gels. Students used an educational kit to grow attractive monoammonium phosphate crystals. The kit demonstrated basic concepts of crystallization (e.g. solubility, supersaturation, nucleation, morphology) relevant to many processes in any area of science and engineering.

This was a project of: Laboratory of Crystallographic Studies IACT (CSIC-UGR joint center) Crystallization Factory (Project Consolider-Ingenio 2010, http://lafactoria.lec.csic.es/ ) and was sponsored by: National Research Council; Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology; University of Granada; Discover Foundation; Triana Science and Technology

See the photos of the event. 

Location Granada
URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yj6U5eyjKF8&feature=player_embedded
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