Event Name The Mistery of the Giant Crystals
Start Date 16th Nov 2014 11:00am
End Date
Duration N/A

THE MYSTERY OF THE GIANT CRYSTALS is a fascinating adventure in scientific research. A journey into the depths of the Earth in search of the most beautiful treasures of the mineral world, to explain one of its great mysteries: the formation of giant gypsum crystals. From the Roman mines of Segóbrica described by Pliny the Elder to Europe’s biggest geode, found in Almería, Spain; from the volcanic depths of the Andes to the grandiose “Cueva de los Cristales de Naica”, an authentic crystal palace hidden beneath the Mexican desert of Chihuahua. We shall discover the wonderful world of crystals, their science and their beauty, through the guiding hand of Prof Juan Manuel García-Ruiz.

The screening of the movie will be preceded by a lecture entitled "El Maravilloso Mundo de los Cristales".






Location Universum, Museo de las Ciencia de la UNAM
Contact Juan Manuel Garcia Ruiz
URL http://www.universum.unam.mx/temp/cristalografia.php
Category lectures