Event Name Lattices and invisible rays
Start Date 9th May 2014
End Date 12th Sep 2014
Duration 127 days
Description The University library at Lund University celebrates the International Year of Crystallography by hosting a book exhibition displaying a wide plethora of scientific works ranging from the 15th Century up to present time. Focus will be on man's fascination of crystals, the discoveries of Röntgen, Laue and the Braggs, plus local crystallographers and the new MAX IV Laboratory currently under construction in Lund.

The exhibition will open on May 9th with a speech by Sven Lidin, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Lund University and Chairman of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry.

Location Lund
Contact Kristian Knutsson
URL http://www.ub.lu.se/o.o.i.s/5311
Category exhibitions