Event Name Nobel Structures: Celebrating Crystallography
Start Date 15th Mar 2014
End Date 18th May 2014
Duration 64 days and 23 hours
Description The United Nations have declared 2014 the International Year of Crystallography. Few people know how important this subject is, even though it has led to 29 Nobel Prizes. ‘Nobel Structures: Celebrating Crystallography’ aims to raise awareness about this fascinating field, allowing us to see how molecules fit together, from diamonds to DNA.

The exhibition will investigate the achievements of som...e of the most important scientists of the twentieth century and their work with X-rays. Their ground-breaking discoveries unravelled the structures of DNA, penicillin and insulin, to name but a few...

But crystallography goes beyond the boundaries of science, inspiring artists and designers. Come and explore its many facets and forms at the St Andrews Museum, Kinburn Park, Doubledykes Road.

Location St Andrews
United Kingdom
Contact Nobel Structures Group
URL http://nobelstructures.wix.com/home
Category exhibitions