Event Name 2014 International Year of Crystallography: Structure Matters
Start Date 14th Feb 2014
End Date
Duration N/A

Lecturers of the symposium: George Phillips (Rice University), Choel Kim (Baylor College of Medicine), John Spence (Arizona State University), Jane Tao (Rice University), Stephen Burley (Rutgers University

In addition, the following exhibits are scheduled:

1) Crystallography Over the Years: A Brief History
This booth will illustrate, in brief, the development of X-Ray Crystallography and milestones reached over the years.

2) Growing Crystals
Angela Criswell, Rigaku Corporation, and her team will help students learn about growing crystals and then viewing them under a microscope.  This booth features the Rigaku Alchemist, an automated system for high-throughput crystal growing.

3) Light Diffraction
Jim Clarage, University of St. Thomas, will lead students through the concepts of light diffraction that lead to the unique patterns created during X-ray diffraction during crystallographic discovery.

4) Modeling Proteins
To understand the 3D structure of proteins, students will use paper models to build a 3D representation of protein structures.

5) Protein Visualization in 3D
George Phillips, Rice University, will help students visualize and understand the 3D structure of proteins and implications of these unique structures.

6) Structural Analysis Tools
Many structural analysis tools have been created to help scientists derive protein structures based on X-Ray diffraction data and model their structure.  BVV Prasad, Baylor College of Medicine, will lead students through interactive modules to introduce students to the software and how new information can be gleaned from these tools.

Location Rice University, Houston, Tx
United States
Contact George Phillips
URL https://gcc.rice.edu/2014_Crystallography_Symposium.aspx
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