Event Name CCCE 2014 Fall Newsletter
Start Date 3rd Nov 2014
End Date 6th Dec 2014
Duration 34 days

Each Fall the CCCE (Committee on Computers in Chemical Education) of the American Chemical Society hosts online discussions of recent work of relevance to the use of computers in chemical education. The authors of each paper are available to discuss their work with the community on the days assigned to their papers, and both the papers and discussion are archived on our site. You do not need to be a member of ACS, CHED or the CCCE to participate in these discussion, but need to set up a free account by contacting the site moderator, Bob Belford at rebelford@ualr.edu.

This year, the schedule features a contribution on the International Year of Crystallography 2014 by Brian McMahon and Michele Zema from the IUCr. The full article entitled "IYCr2014: Spreading the Word About Crystallography in an International Year" is available here and will be discussed online on 24-26 November.

Discussion Schedule

Nov. 3-5 OrganicERs a Growing Online Community, Justin Houseknecht and Jennifer Muzyka

Nov. 6-8 Transforming the Chemistry Lab Notebook with ElementsTM, Layne Morsch

Nov. 10-12 ChemEd X: An Interactive Hub for Chemistry Teachers, Deanna Cullen

Nov. 13-15 CheMarkup Slides and Notes: A Presentation Container for the Virtual Molecular Model Kit, Otis Rothenberg & Thomas Newton

Nov. 17-19 From Demonstrations & Clicker Questions to Guided-Inquiry Activities: Resources for Integrating PhET Chemistry Simulations into Your Course, Emily Moore

Nov. 20-22 Organizing Chemical Safety Information to Support Lab Safety, Ralph Stuart

Nov. 24-26 IYCr2014: Spreading the Word About Crystallography in an International Year, Brian McMahon & Michele Zema

Dec. 1-3 The Advantages of Electronic Laboratory Notebook Use in Research Laboratories and Best Practices in Implementation, Jeremy Miller & Earl Beutler

Dec. 4-6 Proteopedia: A Powerful Tool for Biomolecular Communication and a 3D Web Encyclopedia of Biomolecules, Jaime Prilusky & Joel Sussman

Location online
Contact Bob Belford
URL http://confchem.ccce.divched.org/2014FallCCCENL
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