Event Name Guided Exhibition of Crystals and X-Ray Diffraction equipment
Start Date 15th May 2014 9:00am
End Date 16th May 2014 12:00am
Duration 15 hours

In the framework of the Conference on Research and Dissemination (Jornadas de Investigación y Extensión) at the Faculty of Sciences, Universidad Central de Venezuela, a guided exhibition to crystals and X-Ray Diffraction Equipment will be presented in the X-Ray Laboratory of the Earth Sciences Institute.

Among the items on display there will be: natural and man grown single crystals; X-Ray tubes; Debye-Scherrer camera; Laue back-reflection camera; Bragg-Brentano Diffractometer; Diffractograms; Diffraction patterns; a copy of "Bragg Notebook"; a set-up simulating the "Bragg Spectrometer", using a goniometer, an ionization tube and an electroscope. Also a laser diffraction pattern from a light bulb filament, trying to simulate photo 51 of Rosalind Franklin, will be exhibited.

Responsible: Dr. Carlos Rojas

Location Caracas, ICT Facultad de Ciencias, UCV
Contact Carlos Rojas
URL http://www.coordinv.ciens.ucv.ve/jornadas/
Category exhibitions