National and regional competitions

During the International Year of Crystallography, we want to stimulate as many countries as possible to organize regional or national crystal-growing competitions. To facilitate this, we offer on this website support for newcomers in the form of a time line, protocols, suggestions for judging and prize awarding etc. The organizers of established competitions can act as buddy or mentor for new initiatives.

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This is a list of crystallographic competitions listed in the IYCr2014 calendar. Click here to add your crystal-growing competition if it is not already listed.

Crystal-growing competition for UNESCO Associated Schools The International Union of Crystallography is organizing, together with UNESCO, a special crystal growing competition for selected schools belonging to the UNESCO Associated Schools Network. Selected schools receive a starters kit containing some documentation and 1 kg alum, the material to crystallize during this competition. A brochure provides information to teachers and schools who participate in this exciting venture.
11th Singapore National Crystal Growing Challenge Singapore The biennial crystal growing challenge opened to students in secondary schools, international schools, junior colleges, ITE colleges and polytechnics in Singapore.
Crystal Growing Competition.VN Hanoi

The competition is firstly organized in Hanoi, it is for students in chemistry department of Hanoi National University of Education and selected highschools. 


Australia: National crystal growing competition Nationwide The objective of the competition is to grow the best single crystal of alum (potassium aluminium sulphate dodecahydrate). Different Australian states/territories will carry out their own competitions, and crystals will be sent to be judged nationally for national winners.
Geneva: Crystal growth competition Geneva A crystal growth competition is organized in Geneva for students aged 6-19.
Puerto Rico: National Crystallization Competition in High Schools Mayagüez, Puerto Rico The National Crystallization Competition in Puerto Rico introduces students to biomedical research, specifically in protein crystallization and protein structure. It provides students with the opportunity to incorporate novel techniques used in protein crystallization research within the science curricula of High Schools.
Spain: crystallization competition in schools Andalucía, Aragón, Asturias, Canarias, Cataluña, Madrid, and Valencia The Crystallization Competition in the School ( is an innovative contest on Crystallography and Crystallization for young students aged 12-16. It is organised in Spain and coordinated by the Spanish Specialized Group of Crystallography and Crystal Growth (GE3C).
France: Concours National de croissance cristalline Nationwide A French national crystal growth competition for high-school students is planned for 2014 on the occasion of the International Year of Crystallography.
Tunisia: National Crystal Growth Competition Nationwide The Tunisian Crystallographic Association is organizing a national crystal growth competition for high school students.
Greece: crystallography competitions Nationwide Competitions will be held for secondary education children in Greece: (i) a crystal‐growing competition; (ii) competition on creative output inspired by Crystallography, e.g. photographic, video etc.
Belgium: Crystal Growing Competition Nationwide During a period of 4 weeks children from secondary schools have to grow single crystals. The competition is organized by the Belgian National Committee for Crystallography and sponsored by the Royal Academy and Acros Organics.
Wisconsin: Crystal Growing Contest Madison, Wisconsin A crystal growth competition will take place for Wisconsin high school students April-May 2014.
Canada: National Crystal Growing Competition Nationwide The National Crystal Growing Competition is a fun, hands-on experience as well as an exciting competition.
Egypt: crystal growth competition for schoolchildren Nationwide A crystal growth competition for schoolchildren is planned to celebrate the International Year of Crystallography.
Croatia: crystal growing competition Nationwide A Crystal Growing Competition in Croatia organized by the Croatian Crystallographic Association will run between 15 September and 30 October 2014.
Istanbul: Crystal Growth Competition Istanbul

On the occasion of the International Year of Crystallography, the competition is jointly organizing by the Sainte Pulcherie High School and the Turkish Crystallographic Association in collaboration with several partners.

Argentina: National Crystal Growing Competition for High Schools / Concurso de Crecimiento de Cristales para Colegios Secundarios The Argentinian Association of Crystallography ("Asociación Argentina de Cristalografía", AACr) has launched a Crystal Growing Competition to be held during June-October 2014 among Argentinian high school students.
Tuscany (Italy): Crystal Growing Competition Sesto Fiorentino (FI) First Crystal Growing Competition organized in Tuscany for pupils of high schools to celebrate the International Year of Crystallography. The competition is organized in the framework of the "Progetto Lauree Scientifiche" (Scientific Degrees Project).
Australia: ACT Crystal Growing Competition Canberra The Royal Australian Chemical Institute, ACT is conducting its 2014 Crystal Growing Competition for Primary and Junior Secondary School students.
Edinburgh: Crystal Growing Competition Edinburgh To celebrate the International Year of Crystallography the School of Chemistry, at The University of Edinburgh, is launching a crystal growing competition for S3 and S4 pupils from schools in Edinburgh and the Lothians.
RACI Qld - Crystal Growing Competition Queensland Here is an opportunity for students to take part in a national scientific competition. The process is simple, and designed to encourage students to develop an interest in Chemistry from a young age. Students can participate as individuals or with a friend, small groups or class groups.
Poland: Crystal growth competition for schoolchildren To celebrate the International Year of Crystallography and the Year of Czochralski, a competition of crystal growth fro schoolchildren is organized by the Institute of Physics, University of Silesia with support of the Polish Society for Crystal Growth, Polish Academy of Science and the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology.
Spain: Concurso de Cristalización en la Escuela Granada, Barcelona, Asturias, Madrid, Alcala de Henares, Tenerife, Valencia, Zaragoza A project to introduce crystallography and crystal growth in the Schools and High schools that include courses and lectures for teachers, practical experiences, well-tested crystallization kits that has generated enormous interest within the Spanish educational community with the participation of over 7,000 students, 286 teachers and 189 schools.
Uruguay: Concurso Nacional de Crecimiento de Cristales Crystal Growth competition for schoolchildren and general public in Uruguay.
Concurso de Crecimiento de Cristales para estudiantes y público en general en Uruguay.
New Zealand: Schools Crystal Growing Competition Dunedin A crystal growing competition for secondary school students using Alum.
U.S. Crystal Growing Competition The United States Crystal Growing Competition is an important scientific outreach activity designed to provide K-12 grade students and teachers a fun, hands-on STEM experience as well as an exciting competition.