Papers about crystallography in Priroda magazine - II

Priroda is an educational (popular science) journal which has been published by Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) since 1912 ("priroda" in Russian means "nature"). Its contributors are researchers in various fields (astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology and so on) who tell readers about actual problems in their area and their own results, adopting a language for non-professional audience.

The pursuance of IYCr in 2014 has been highlighted by inviting some scientists to contribute articles about the history of crystallography research and new results obtained by traditional and new methods.

The articles published in the first half of the year can be found at

The following articles have been published in the second half of the year:

  • R.K. Raszvetaeva, S.M. Aksenov. In Minerals, too, Channels can be "Dry", Priroda, 2014, №7, p.79-81;
  • Magic of Crystals, To 150th Anniversary of G.V. Vulf: G.V. Vulf. “How crystals grow”, Priroda, 2014, №10, p.53-61 - reprinted from Priroda, 1915;
  • A.E.  Voloshin, L.N. Rashkovich, E.B. Rudneva, V.L. Manomenova. We grow crystals, Priroda, 2014, Vol. 10, pp. 62-72;
  • A.A. Maslov, E.V. Chernova, V.M. Shcherbakov. Georgiy Viktorovich Vulf, Priroda, 2014, Vol. 10, pp. 73-79;
  • V.S. Kraposhin, A.L. Talis. Crystallography and Matter, Priroda, 2014, Vol. 11, p.3-15; 
  • V.S. Kraposhin, A.L. Talis. Combinatorial Analysis and Strengh of Steel, Priroda, 2014, Vol. 12, p.3-12.
Full version of the magazine issues (in Russian) can be find at the official site of RAS ( and at the electron archive site (

A pdf file with all these papers and the annotations in English (not present in Russian edition) has been specially prepared for the IYCr site. Click here to download the full articles (PDF, 2.2 MB).

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