Blogging a crystal structure a day in 2014


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The following entries have been tagged with the term co-crystal:

Coulomb crystal Dusty crystals
Sulfuric acid hexahydrate A material for another world – Sulfuric Acid Hexahydrate
Human leukocyte antigen (HLA-A2) HLA Molecules – How the body detects infected cells
Catenane Tales from a PhD – Synthesising a catenane
Rock Salt The structure that started it all – Rock salt
HKUST-1 The structure of empty space – HKUST 1
Ice Ih Snow joke – January’s Ice structure, Ice Ih
G-protein–coupled receptors The Fight or Flight Receptor
DiSulfide Bond proteins (DSBs) Brace yourself! The structure of DiSulfide Bond proteins (DSBs)
Sucrose Sweet crystallography – the crystal structure of sucrose
Garnet The structures behind birthstones – January Garnets
Adrenaline Kick-starting Adrenaline
Insulin Impressive Insulin
Ethanol Happy New Year Hangover – Ethanol
Acemetacin co-crystals Making a drug work smarter – Acemetacin co-crystals
Methane hydrate I Fire ice – the structure of methane hydrate I
Neuraminidase Fighting the Flu – The structure of Neuraminidase
Polonium An Element of surprise – The crystal structure of Polonium
Galena Hearing radio waves with galena
Methamphetamine Not another ice structure… Methamphetamine
Oxytocin Roses are red, violets are blue. Oxytocin in my brain makes me only want to be with you…
Hematite A structure determined by Linus Pauling – Hematite
AP2 complex Biology on the edge – Adaptor Protein complex 2
Antifreeze protein Maxi Cold as Ice… with 'Maxi' sacrifice
Gold GOLD! The crystal structure of success
Sr3TiNb4O15 Growing crystals for your PhD – The trials and tribulations Part 2
Valium Don’t Panic – Valium / Diazepam
Copper sulfate pentahydrate Do try this in your own home! Copper sulfate pentahydrate
Selenite Selenite – Crystal Cathedrals
Polyrotaxane Getting in a Twist – A Polyrotaxane
Botox Botox: Toxic medicine
Pyrochlore Magnetic monopoles in the pyrochlore structure
Cobalt tricyanomethanide Five fold - Cobalt tricyanomethanide
Nickel sulfate hexahydrate Crystals you can grow at home – Nickel Sulphate Hexahydrate
Ebola glycoprotein A Crystal Structure That Was Only Possible With the Help of an Ebola Survivor
Sr0.8Ti0.6Nb0.4O3 Growing crystals for your PhD – The trials and tribulations Part 1
Cocoa butter (phase V) Seasons greetings. The crystal structure of Cocoa Butter
Collagen Collagen: Triple strength
Zinc nitrate Absorbing and beautiful, zinc nitrate
Cadmium tricyanomethanide tetramethoxyborate Cadmium tricyanomethanide tetramethoxyborate (try saying that three times!)
Jack bean urease From crystal to structure in 84 years
Negative crystals Surreal Microscopic Environments – Negative Crystals
Tartaric acid Pasteurized Crystals – Tartaric acid
Lanthanoid hexacyanidocobaltates Shrinking in the heat – lanthanoid hexacyanidocobaltates, a.k.a. LnCo(CN)6
Potassium bitartrate Something for the Weekend – Potassium Bitartrate