Blogging a crystal structure a day in 2014


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The following entries have been tagged with the term mineral:

Tourmaline The final birthstone of the year: Tourmaline
Chrysotile Deadly crystal structures – Chrysotile
Galena Hearing radio waves with galena
Emerald May's Birthstone: Could you actually build an Emerald city?
Braggite Celebrating one of the founders of the field – the crystal structure of Braggite
Vermiculite A crystal sandwich – Vermiculite
Iron (II) sulfate heptahydrate Lacking in iron? – Iron (II) sulfate heptahydrate
Ekanite Ekanite – a mineral that will amorphise itself
Jadeite A greenstone – Jadeite
Francolite Biominerals #3 – Francolite, a mineral in fossilized Dinosaur bones
Bridgmanite What’s in a name? – Bridgmanite
Calcite Seeing Double – Calcite
Quasicrystals To the ends of the earth and beyond – the search for 'impossible' quasicrystals
Opal October birthstone: Opal. When is a crystal not quite a crystal?
Boron carbide Glowing green – Willemite
Barite Biominerals #5 - Which way is up?
Pyroxferroite A mineral that came down to Earth – pyroxferroite
Jarosite Hero and a villain – Jarosite
Argentite A world cup inspired post – Argentite
Ettringite Damaging buildings from within - Ettringite
Tartaric acid Decorative, but a little deadly – Torbernite
Diamond April Birthstone: Unlucky for some … Diamond
Crocoite The crystal structure rainbow – Orange crocoite
Brucite A mineral for Australia day – Brucite
Silicate perovskite What is our planet made out of? (5) Silicate perovskite
Fluocerite-(La) All of the symmetry - <em>P</em>-3<em>c</em>1: Fluocerite-(La)
Feldspar What is our planet made out of? (1) Feldspar
Labradorite A play on colours – Labradorite
Cryptomelane A mineral often mistaken for a fossil – cryptomelane
Azurite I'm blue da-ba-di da-ba dah – The natural mineral, Azurite
Topaz November's birthstone – Orange Topaz
Rutile What is the Rutile structure?
Santite It's making a list – Santite
Spinel The world’s most underappreciated gemstone – Red Spinel
Mullite Something to mull on – Mullite
Moganite Biominerals #4 – The wonderful world of silica
Gibbsite Collect enough minerals and someone will name one after you! – Gibbsite
Epsomite Bath salts on the moons of Jupiter
Magnesium oxide Bright spark – Magnesium Oxide
Malachite Common beauty – Malachite
Kaolinite Fancy a wrestle? – Kaolinite
Fluorite A mineral of history – Fluorite
Megawite A specially named perovskite, Megawite
Meridianiite An Earth and Mars mineral – Meridianiite MgSO4.11H2O
Alite It’s in the walls – Alite
Carpathite An aromatic mineral – Carpathite
Uvarovite A very rare gem – Uvarovite
Goethite Raw mineral of a legend – Goethite
Wurtzite Classical crystal structures – Wurtzite
Pearl June birthstone – Pearl
Putnisite Putnisite: Brand New and Completely Unique
Heklaite A mineral from Iceland – Heklaite
Wadsleyite What is our planet made out of? (3) Wadsleyite
Cerussite Celebrating Laue – very tiny crystals
Brownleeite A mineral from interplanetary dust
Pseudomalachite A mineral imposter – pseudomalachite
Xenotime X is for xenotime
Calaverite Kalgoorlie where the streets are paved with gold – Calaverite
Mirabilite Mirabilite: 'The Miracle Salt'
Uraninite (pitchblende) A powering mineral – Uraninite
Melilite What are comets made out of? One potential ingredient: Melilite
Pyrite Fool’s gold – the structure of Pyrite
Zircon How old? – The crystal structure of Zircon
Lapis lazuli September's birthstone: your choice, Sapphire or Lapis Lazuli
Lepidolite Where does all the lithium come from? – Lepidolite
Bowieite An exclusive mineral – Bowieite
Augite A rock with a cleavage – Augite
Calcium titanate The first perovskite – Calcium Titanate
Olivine What is our planet made out of? (2) Olivine
β-Cristobalite Same … but different. The structure of beta-cristobalite
Selenite Selenite – Crystal Cathedrals
Autunite A more complicated powering mineral – Autunite
Goosecreekite Goosecreekite – The most unusual mineral name?
Vaterite It takes two – Vaterite
α-Cristobalite Same … but different. The structure of alpha-cristobalite
Magnesiowüstite What is our planet made out of? (6) Magnesiowüstite
Diopside A surprisingly important structure - Diopside
Gerstleyite All of the symmetry – <em>Cm</em>: Gerstleyite
Germanite A world cup inspired post – Germanite
Ringwoodite What is our planet made out of? (4) Ringwoodite
Tobermorite Sounds edible, but isn't - Tobermorite
Garnet The structures behind birthstones – January Garnets
Sphalerite Classical crystal structures – sphalerite
Painite A formerly very exclusive mineral – Painite
Chalcopyrite Trademark this mineral!
Weddellite Biominerals #2 – Weddellite (in Antarctica and in you!)
Arsenopyrite Deadly crystal structures – Arsenopyrite
Gypsum The 'desert rose' crystal
Iolite The two-coloured rock – Iolite
Aquamarine March's Birthstone – Aquamarine
Stishovite Sign of an impact – Stishovite
Ruby This month introduces us to the most iconic of red gems: Ruby, the birthstone of July
Peridot August Birthstone: Peridot
Spherocobaltite Mineral in pink – Spherocobaltite
Andersonite The crystal structure rainbow – Glowing in UV, Andersonite
Hydroxylapatite A crystal structure you eat with! Hydroxylapatite
Negative crystals Surreal Microscopic Environments – Negative Crystals