Blogging a crystal structure a day in 2014


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The following entries have been tagged with the term mineral:

Gypsum The 'desert rose' crystal
Calcite Seeing Double – Calcite
Calcium titanate The first perovskite – Calcium Titanate
Brucite A mineral for Australia day – Brucite
Pyrite Fool’s gold – the structure of Pyrite
Zircon How old? – The crystal structure of Zircon
Alite It’s in the walls – Alite
Olivine What is our planet made out of? (2) Olivine
Aquamarine March's Birthstone – Aquamarine
Sphalerite Classical crystal structures – sphalerite
Wurtzite Classical crystal structures – Wurtzite
Crocoite The crystal structure rainbow – Orange crocoite
Azurite I'm blue da-ba-di da-ba dah – The natural mineral, Azurite
Uvarovite A very rare gem – Uvarovite
Andersonite The crystal structure rainbow – Glowing in UV, Andersonite
Braggite Celebrating one of the founders of the field – the crystal structure of Braggite
Arsenopyrite Deadly crystal structures – Arsenopyrite
Calaverite Kalgoorlie where the streets are paved with gold – Calaverite
Diamond April Birthstone: Unlucky for some … Diamond
Jarosite Hero and a villain – Jarosite
Galena Hearing radio waves with galena
Xenotime X is for xenotime
Feldspar What is our planet made out of? (1) Feldspar
Wadsleyite What is our planet made out of? (3) Wadsleyite
Hydroxylapatite A crystal structure you eat with! Hydroxylapatite
Mullite Something to mull on – Mullite
Ringwoodite What is our planet made out of? (4) Ringwoodite
Silicate perovskite What is our planet made out of? (5) Silicate perovskite
Magnesiowüstite What is our planet made out of? (6) Magnesiowüstite
Mirabilite Mirabilite: 'The Miracle Salt'
β-Cristobalite Same … but different. The structure of beta-cristobalite
Garnet The structures behind birthstones – January Garnets
Putnisite Putnisite: Brand New and Completely Unique
Emerald May's Birthstone: Could you actually build an Emerald city?
α-Cristobalite Same … but different. The structure of alpha-cristobalite
Epsomite Bath salts on the moons of Jupiter
Selenite Selenite – Crystal Cathedrals
Tobermorite Sounds edible, but isn't - Tobermorite
Labradorite A play on colours – Labradorite
Iolite The two-coloured rock – Iolite
Iron (II) sulfate heptahydrate Lacking in iron? – Iron (II) sulfate heptahydrate
Pearl June birthstone – Pearl
Painite A formerly very exclusive mineral – Painite
Megawite A specially named perovskite, Megawite
Ruby This month introduces us to the most iconic of red gems: Ruby, the birthstone of July
Fluorite A mineral of history – Fluorite
Bowieite An exclusive mineral – Bowieite
Chrysotile Deadly crystal structures – Chrysotile
Bridgmanite What’s in a name? – Bridgmanite
Cryptomelane A mineral often mistaken for a fossil – cryptomelane
Meridianiite An Earth and Mars mineral – Meridianiite MgSO4.11H2O
Germanite A world cup inspired post – Germanite
Argentite A world cup inspired post – Argentite
Carpathite An aromatic mineral – Carpathite
Brownleeite A mineral from interplanetary dust
Peridot August Birthstone: Peridot
Gerstleyite All of the symmetry – <em>Cm</em>: Gerstleyite
Goethite Raw mineral of a legend – Goethite
Magnesium oxide Bright spark – Magnesium Oxide
Quasicrystals To the ends of the earth and beyond – the search for 'impossible' quasicrystals
Diopside A surprisingly important structure - Diopside
Ettringite Damaging buildings from within - Ettringite
Uraninite (pitchblende) A powering mineral – Uraninite
Autunite A more complicated powering mineral – Autunite
Ekanite Ekanite – a mineral that will amorphise itself
Lepidolite Where does all the lithium come from? – Lepidolite
Heklaite A mineral from Iceland – Heklaite
Weddellite Biominerals #2 – Weddellite (in Antarctica and in you!)
Francolite Biominerals #3 – Francolite, a mineral in fossilized Dinosaur bones
Moganite Biominerals #4 – The wonderful world of silica
Barite Biominerals #5 - Which way is up?
Spinel The world’s most underappreciated gemstone – Red Spinel
Fluocerite-(La) All of the symmetry - <em>P</em>-3<em>c</em>1: Fluocerite-(La)
Jadeite A greenstone – Jadeite
Boron carbide Glowing green – Willemite
Opal October birthstone: Opal. When is a crystal not quite a crystal?
Cerussite Celebrating Laue – very tiny crystals
Chalcopyrite Trademark this mineral!
Gibbsite Collect enough minerals and someone will name one after you! – Gibbsite
Pseudomalachite A mineral imposter – pseudomalachite
Rutile What is the Rutile structure?
Vaterite It takes two – Vaterite
Kaolinite Fancy a wrestle? – Kaolinite
Malachite Common beauty – Malachite
Goosecreekite Goosecreekite – The most unusual mineral name?
Melilite What are comets made out of? One potential ingredient: Melilite
Spherocobaltite Mineral in pink – Spherocobaltite
Topaz November's birthstone – Orange Topaz
Negative crystals Surreal Microscopic Environments – Negative Crystals
Vermiculite A crystal sandwich – Vermiculite
Tourmaline The final birthstone of the year: Tourmaline
Pyroxferroite A mineral that came down to Earth – pyroxferroite
Stishovite Sign of an impact – Stishovite
Augite A rock with a cleavage – Augite
Santite It's making a list – Santite
Tartaric acid Decorative, but a little deadly – Torbernite
Lapis lazuli September's birthstone: your choice, Sapphire or Lapis Lazuli