Collection of artificially grown crystals

This collection of crystals has been selected by the IUCr Commission on Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials as examples of high-quality crystals grown artificially. If you would like to add your examples, please use the submission form.

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Jörg Lenzlinger 6 Gerda Steiner
trithiocarbonate pyrrolidinium This picture was captured with a optic microscope. The molecule is a new ionic liquid complexe.
Noel Pinaud
Struvite Crystal
Bismuth Zinc Borate Non centrosymmetric Bismuth Zinc Borate Bi2ZnB2O7, a member of the Melilite group grown by Czochralski along [001]. The congruently melting (695°C) compound was pulled from a high viscous melt with a translation rate of 0.2 mm/h.
Manfred Burianek
Crystal of Tutton's salt family Crystal of Tutton's salt family with chemical formula (NH4)2NixCo(1-X)(SO4)2 6H2O containing 60% cobalto.
Michelle de Oliveira

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