Blogging a crystal structure a day in 2014


Index of historic structures

Date postedTitleStructureAuthor
31/12From Crystallography to Light!Lawrence Norris
29/06A ring of progress – BenzeneBenzeneHelen Maynard-Casely
09/03Classical crystal structures – Caesium chlorideCaesium chlorideHelen Maynard-Casely
22/01The first perovskite – Calcium TitanateCalcium titanateWilliam Brant
02/07A mineral of history – FluoriteFluoriteHelen Maynard-Casely
10/01The structures behind birthstones – January GarnetsGarnetHelen Brand
28/02A structure determined by Linus Pauling – HematiteHematiteHelen Brand
02/08A bit of a mouthful – hexamethylenetetramineHexamethylenetetramineHelen Maynard-Casely
03/02Lysozyme: Not to be sniffed atLysozymeRóisín McMahon
24/03Myoglobin: (Don't) hold your breath!MyoglobinRóisín McMahon
21/07Ring ring! Naphthalene callingNaphthaleneRenée Webster
27/02Plastic fantastic – polyethylenePolyethyleneJoseph Bevitt
02/02Are you feeling blue? The structure of Prussian BluePrussian BlueFlorence Ragon
14/01Quartz: Dear Indi – Let me in next time!!!QuartzHubert Chevreau
01/01The structure that started it all – Rock saltRock SaltHelen Maynard-Casely
27/09Sodium hydride, simple yet historicSodium hydrideHelen Maynard-Casely
12/01Sweet crystallography – the crystal structure of sucroseSucroseHelen Maynard-Casely
12/05Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin and the structure of Vitamin B12Vitamin B12Alison Edwards
10/05J. D. Bernal and the structure of waterWaterAlison Edwards
08/03Classical crystal structures – WurtziteWurtziteHelen Maynard-Casely
13/02Superconductivity Heats Up: Yttrium Barium Copper OxideYttrium barium copper oxideSara Callori