Blogging a crystal structure a day in 2014


Index of biological structures

Date postedTitleStructureAuthor
15/05Pass the Electron – The First Membrane Protein Structure Shows How Purple Bacteria Get Energy from LightRhodopseudomonas viridis photosynthetic reaction centreAnton Le Brun
15/07Caffeine hit: Adenosine A2A receptorAdenosine A2A receptorRóisín McMahon
16/01Kick-starting AdrenalineAdrenalineJulia Archbold
19/02Breaking down the drink – Alcohol DehydrogenaseAlcohol dehydrogenaseJulia Archbold
24/07Cone snail toxins as painkillers – The structure of an alpha-conopeptideAlpha-conotoxin (PnIB)Julia Archbold
28/07A Crystal Structure for Stopping Germ WarfareAnthrax protective antigenAnton Le Brun
01/04Cold as Ice… with 'Maxi' sacrificeAntifreeze protein MaxiJulia Archbold
09/01Biology on the edge – Adaptor Protein complex 2AP2 complexBrett Collins
25/12Why does a lobster change colour on cooking?ApocrustacyaninJohn Helliwell
21/05Protein crystals naturally occurring in a cellular membrane: BacteriorhodopsinBacteriorhodopsinKaty Wood
31/10Bak: The Face of DeathBakJason Brouwer
02/12I'm pretty, but don't touch me as I'm deadlyBatrachotoxin AAnton Le Brun
30/06A different type of donut – beta-sliding clampBeta Sliding ClampAmy McGrath
17/04Botox: Toxic medicineBotoxRóisín McMahon
20/12Factor IX: Christmas FactorChristmas factorAnton Le Brun
12/08Chymotrypsin — the first protease structureChymotrypsinStephen Curry
15/04Collagen: Triple strengthCollagenRóisín McMahon
13/10Celebrating Laue – comprehensive protein structuresConcanavalin AJohn Helliwell
10/03Feeling Stressed? Understanding Anxiety and DepressionCorticotropin releasing factorJulia Archbold
26/12Give me a resinCytochrome P450 2B enzymeRóisín McMahon
05/01Brace yourself! The structure of DiSulfide Bond proteins (DSBs)DiSulfide Bond proteins (DSBs)Róisín McMahon
25/07DNA: Life's blueprintDNAKaty Wood
24/11DNA Polymerase in Celebration of Evolution DayDNA polymeraseAnton Le Brun
18/08A Crystal Structure That Was Only Possible With the Help of an Ebola SurvivorEbola glycoproteinAnton Le Brun
24/12A little helper – Elf3Elf3Róisín McMahon
07/01The Fight or Flight ReceptorG-protein–coupled receptorsJulia Archbold
21/06How Sweet! The structure of the Glucose Transporter 1Glucose transporter 1Julia Archbold
03/05From crystallography, to running the countryGramicidin SHelen Maynard-Casely
19/05Haemoglobin: Bloody protein!HaemoglobinRóisín McMahon
02/01HLA Molecules – How the body detects infected cellsHuman leukocyte antigen (HLA-A2)Julia Archbold
16/09Cop this! The protein 'cop' (Cop9) with multiple tasksHuman signalosome complexJulia Archbold
13/01Impressive InsulinInsulinJulia Archbold
20/11From crystal to structure in 84 yearsJack bean ureaseRóisín McMahon
19/11Crystallising enzymes from beans – celebrating SumnerJack bean ureaseJohn Helliwell
18/11What was Philae looking for on 67P? L-Glutamic acidL-Glutamic acidHelen Maynard-Casely
26/06'Roll out the Barrel': Structure of the LptD-LptE translocon complex from bacteriaLptD-LptE translocon complexJulia Archbold
03/02Lysozyme: Not to be sniffed atLysozymeRóisín McMahon
14/07Melatonin: Are you feeling sleepy?MelatoninRóisín McMahon
03/12Munc18: No Munc-eying around with our molecular transport machinery!Munc18Julia Archbold
24/03Myoglobin: (Don't) hold your breath!MyoglobinRóisín McMahon
03/07'Let's talk about Sex' hormones – Part 1: The Oestrogen ReceptorOestrogenJulia Archbold
11/03A Protein Swiss Army KnifeOuter membrane protein A (OmpA)Anton Le Brun
27/05A protein structure that is a β-barrel of laughsOuter membrane protein FAnton Le Brun
14/02Roses are red, violets are blue. Oxytocin in my brain makes me only want to be with you…OxytocinRóisín McMahon
18/06P-glycoprotein: It's as simple as ABCP-glycoproteinJulia Archbold
20/06A Crystal Structure for the Perfect Steak: PapainPapainAnton Le Brun
24/10Superbug superpowersPenicillin binding protein variant (PBP2a)Róisín McMahon
14/11Whoop whoop: pertussis toxinPertussis toxinAnton Le Brun
23/02The beginning of the end for PolioPolio virusHelen Maynard-Casely
01/08The Good and Bad of Prions: Proteins that cause Mad Cow diseasePrion proteinsJulia Archbold
01/12A tree bark suspension and a Nobel Prize later … We wonder less about the structural basis of the action of aspirinProstaglandin H synthaseLawrence Norris
03/04The machine of life – the structure of the RibosomeRibosomeBrett Collins
25/08Possibly the Deadliest Crystal Structure Known: RicinRicinAnton Le Brun
01/03Cutting up the genes – the structure of a spliceosomeSpliceosomeBrett Collins
04/07'Let's talk about Sex' hormones – Part 2: The Androgen Receptor and TestosteroneTestosteroneJulia Archbold
23/07Ion Channels and Chronic Pain – Structure of the Voltage-Gated Sodium ChannelVoltage-gated sodium channelJulia Archbold
17/06The Start of Digestion: Salivary α-Amylaseα-AmylaseAnton Le Brun
23/09From Toxin to Technology: α-Haemolysinα-HaemolysinAnton Le Brun
15/09Bacteria: How do they resist?β-LactamaseRóisín McMahon
22/12Oh, deer...β-LactoglobulinRóisín McMahon