Blogging a crystal structure a day in 2014


Index of molecular structures

Date postedTitleStructureAuthor
29/1254 nets and nothing fishy54-Fold interpenetrated coordination polymerStuart Batten
05/10All of the symmetry – <em>P</em>4<sub>2</sub><em>cm</em>: [(CH<sub>3</sub>)<sub>4</sub>N][Cu<sub>2</sub>(NCS)<sub>3</sub>][(CH3)4N][Cu2(NCS)3]Helen Maynard-Casely
27/08Light reactions[Ni(dppe)(η1-ONO)Cl]Mark Warren
16/03Making a drug work smarter – Acemetacin co-crystalsAcemetacin co-crystalsHelen Maynard-Casely
12/06Vinegar – acetic acidAcetic acidHelen Maynard-Casely
04/03Rigidity in carbon and hydrogen – AdamantaneAdamantaneJack Binns
09/08Feeding the world – AmmoniaAmmoniaHelen Maynard-Casely
18/05This is rocket science – ammonium perchlorateAmmonium perchlorateHelen Maynard-Casely
07/02A headache of a crystal structure – AspirinAspirinHelen Maynard-Casely
29/06A ring of progress – BenzeneBenzeneHelen Maynard-Casely
08/10Dedication in the face of adversity – Cadmium CyanideCadmium cyanideStuart Batten
02/09Cadmium tricyanomethanide tetramethoxyborate (try saying that three times!)Cadmium tricyanomethanide tetramethoxyborateStuart Batten
01/09Cheap, Safe and Legal: Caffeine, The Socially Acceptable Psychoactive DrugCaffeineJack Clegg
16/06Some Like It Hot – CapsaicinCapsaicinDavid Turner
12/03Colour me beautiful – CarotenoidsCarotenoidsJohn Helliwell
22/07An aromatic mineral – CarpathiteCarpathiteHelen Maynard-Casely
11/01Tales from a PhD – Synthesising a catenaneCatenaneJason Price
10/09Cellulose – the inner strength of plantsCelluloseLynne Thomas
06/08The Chinese puzzle moleculeChinese puzzle moleculeAlison Edwards
06/03The sour in the sweet – citric acidCitric acidHelen Maynard-Casely
17/03Happy St Patrick's day – something to help you with the snakes?Clerodane diterpenoidHelen Maynard-Casely
21/08Five fold - Cobalt tricyanomethanideCobalt tricyanomethanideStuart Batten
21/12Seasons greetings. The crystal structure of Cocoa ButterCocoa butter (phase V)Helen Maynard-Casely
14/06The chocolate you don’t want – cocoa butter form VICocoa butter (phase VI)Helen Maynard-Casely
06/11Chosen for its looks – CongressaneCongressaneRenée Webster
13/08Crystals by Design – Copper Tetracyanotetraphenylmethane TetrafluoroborateCopper tetracyanotetraphenylmethane tetrafluoroborateStuart Batten
28/06An extra-terrestrial hydrocarbon – EthaneEthaneHelen Maynard-Casely
08/01Happy New Year Hangover – EthanolEthanolDavid Turner
15/06Molecular cotton candy – Ethyl MaltolEthyl maltolHelen Maynard-Casely
20/08Perfect for the cold and 'flu season: Eucalyptus OilEucalyptolJack Clegg
27/07Adapting a plant-based molecule – eugenyl acetateEugenyl acetateHelen Maynard-Casely
10/12An accidental molecule – ferroceneFerroceneHelen Maynard-Casely
03/08Sweet as – GlucoseGlucoseHelen Maynard-Casely
03/05From crystallography, to running the countryGramicidin SHelen Maynard-Casely
14/03Keggin your pardon, ma'm – the structure of a heteropoly acidHeteropoly acidSam Duyker
11/12An impossible molecule – HexaferrocenylbenzeneHexaferrocenylbenzeneHelen Maynard-Casely
23/12Merry Christmas – Ho Ho HoHexakis(μ2-8-quinolinolato-N,O,O)-tris(8-quinolinolato-N,O)-tri-holmium(iii) 8-hydroxyquinoline solvateDavid Turner
02/08A bit of a mouthful – hexamethylenetetramineHexamethylenetetramineHelen Maynard-Casely
03/01The structure of empty space – HKUST 1HKUST-1Sam Duyker
13/03It is sitting in your stomach – Hydrochloric acidHydrochloric acidHelen Maynard-Casely
02/03Square snowflakes – the structure of Ice VIIce VIHelen Maynard-Casely
19/07Ice X – The extreme form of iceIce XHelen Maynard-Casely
15/12A correction to an earlier claim – Ice XVI is the newest form of ice!Ice XVIHelen Maynard-Casely
25/03The crystal structure rainbow – Indigo in your batteries?Indigo carmineHelen Maynard-Casely
13/01Impressive InsulinInsulinJulia Archbold
25/09Iron trans-4,4'-azopyridine thiocyanate – Letting things down…Iron trans-4,4'-azopyridine thiocyanateStuart Batten
10/11Karrikinolide – where there's smoke, there's germinationKarrikinolideRenée Webster
18/11What was Philae looking for on 67P? L-Glutamic acidL-Glutamic acidHelen Maynard-Casely
28/09Chasing complex molecules in the stars – looking for L-SerineL-SerineHelen Maynard-Casely
08/06Not for the intolerant – LactoseLactose monohydrateHelen Maynard-Casely
30/12Shrinking in the heat – lanthanoid hexacyanidocobaltates, a.k.a. LnCo(CN)6Lanthanoid hexacyanidocobaltatesSam Duyker
30/09Interdigitation, Interpenetration, IntercalationLayered cuprous tricyanomethanide derivativesStuart Batten
02/06Absorbing gas – Lithium isonicotinate.solvateLithium isonicotinate∙solvateKeith White
02/11The sour taste – Malic acidMalic acidHelen Maynard-Casely
12/02Not another ice structure… MethamphetamineMethamphetamineSam Duyker
19/08Hasta la Vista, Babies…MethandrostenoloneMichael Pfrunder
11/05Methane under pressure – the structure of Methane AMethane AHelen Maynard-Casely
18/12Methane under pressure – the strange coincidence of methane BMethane BHelen Maynard-Casely
18/01Fire ice – the structure of methane hydrate IMethane hydrate IHelen Maynard-Casely
08/09A big water cage, sH clathrate hydrateMethane Hydrate II (sH)Helen Maynard-Casely
31/07It Breathes but isn’t Alive – MIL-53, a Flexible FrameworkMIL-53Sam Duyker
29/07A diamond net of molecular tetrahedraMolecular tetrahedraJessica Holmes
03/10Enhancing flavour, molecule by molecule: MSGMonosodium L-glutamateHelen Maynard-Casely
26/08Nanoballs - synthesis for the lazyNanoballsStuart Batten
21/07Ring ring! Naphthalene callingNaphthaleneRenée Webster
29/08What’s in a name? The Octapi CatenaneOctapi catenaneStuart Batten
29/11Saturating your food – Palmitic acidPalmitic acidHelen Maynard-Casely
31/05An elusive polymorph of ParacetamolParacetamolHelen Maynard-Casely
06/06Penicillin – D-DayPenicillinAlison Edwards
27/04A small molecule that has saved a lot of lives – phenolPhenolHelen Maynard-Casely
10/02Less than mellow yellow – the structure of picric acidPicric acidHelen Maynard-Casely
05/12Pinene – It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!PineneJonathan McCree-Grey
17/05A peppery crystal structure – PiperinePiperineHelen Maynard-Casely
27/02Plastic fantastic – polyethylenePolyethyleneJoseph Bevitt
29/05Getting in a Twist – A PolyrotaxanePolyrotaxaneDavid Turner
15/03Something for the Weekend – Potassium BitartratePotassium bitartrateDavid Turner
26/07A molecule from trees – QuinineQuinineHelen Maynard-Casely
17/12Molecule of deceit – raspberry ketoneRaspberry ketoneHelen Maynard-Casely
15/02Danger danger! A high-pressure explosive – γ RDXRDXHelen Maynard-Casely
11/10Celebrating Laue – complex structures very quickly!Rh2(PNP)2(PNP)2(BPh4)2Helen Maynard-Casely
25/02This is a Hard One – Sildenafil CitrateSildenafil citrateDavid Turner
29/09Negative Compression! Silver(I) tricyanomethanideSilver(I) tricyanomethanideJasper Adamson
13/06Sodium acetateSodium acetateHelen Maynard-Casely
07/10All of the symmetry – <em>Pm</em>-3: Sr<sub>3</sub>C<sub>60</sub>Sr3C60Helen Maynard-Casely
17/07Time to scrub things up – Stearic acidStearic acidHelen Maynard-Casely
12/01Sweet crystallography – the crystal structure of sucroseSucroseHelen Maynard-Casely
04/01A material for another world – Sulfuric Acid HexahydrateSulfuric acid hexahydrateHelen Maynard-Casely
27/12Pasteurized Crystals – Tartaric acidTartaric acidAnna Leung
04/08Triglycine Sulphate: Ferroelectic, Pyroelectric, BolometricTriglycine sulphateDarren Goossens
16/10A Nobel Explosive – TrinitroglycerinTrinitroglycerinDavid Turner
27/11Your crystallographic Thanksgiving – Tryptophan!TryptophanSara Callori
26/03The crystal structure rainbow – Imperial violetTyrian purpleHelen Maynard-Casely
12/12The MOFIA and the boss of the crown family: the UiO-66UiO-66Hubert Chevreau
21/10When is a knot not a knot? When it's a Ravel!Universal 3-RavelJack Clegg
24/01You must be taking the **** – UreaUreaDavid Turner
28/04Don’t Panic – Valium / DiazepamValiumDavid Turner
12/05Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin and the structure of Vitamin B12Vitamin B12Alison Edwards
10/06Important for this time of year – Vitamin CVitamin CHelen Maynard-Casely
10/05J. D. Bernal and the structure of waterWaterAlison Edwards
01/10Impossible chemistry: making the unreactive reactXenon-water compoundHelen Maynard-Casely
02/10A big family of MOFs – Zeolitic imidazolate frameworksZIF-8F. X. Coudert
15/08The beauty within – Zinc cyanideZinc cyanideF. X. Coudert
09/06β-Carotene helps you see in the darkβ-CaroteneJonathan McCree-Grey