Blogging a crystal structure a day in 2014


Index of mineral structures

Date postedTitleStructureAuthor
18/03It’s in the walls – AliteAliteHelen Maynard-Casely
01/02February's Birthstone – AmethystAmethystHelen Brand
30/03The crystal structure rainbow – Glowing in UV, AndersoniteAndersoniteHelen Maynard-Casely
03/03March's Birthstone – AquamarineAquamarineHelen Brand
13/07A world cup inspired post – ArgentiteArgentiteHelen Maynard-Casely
06/04Deadly crystal structures – ArsenopyriteArsenopyriteHelen Maynard-Casely
14/12A rock with a cleavage – AugiteAugiteHelen Maynard-Casely
07/09A more complicated powering mineral – AutuniteAutuniteHelen Maynard-Casely
23/03I'm blue da-ba-di da-ba dah – The natural mineral, AzuriteAzuriteKirrily Rule
21/09Biominerals #5 - Which way is up?BariteHelen Maynard-Casely
31/08Bonattite - blue copper sulfate, but a lot rarerBonattiteHelen Maynard-Casely
19/10What's in silly putty? – BoraxBoraxHelen Maynard-Casely
30/10Glowing green – WillemiteBoron carbideHelen Maynard-Casely
05/07An exclusive mineral – BowieiteBowieiteHelen Maynard-Casely
31/03Celebrating one of the founders of the field – the crystal structure of BraggiteBraggiteHelen Maynard-Casely
08/07What’s in a name? – BridgmaniteBridgmaniteWilliam Brant
05/08A mineral from interplanetary dustBrownleeiteHelen Maynard-Casely
26/01A mineral for Australia day – BruciteBruciteHelen Maynard-Casely
07/04Kalgoorlie where the streets are paved with gold – CalaveriteCalaveriteHelen Maynard-Casely
17/02Seeing Double – CalciteCalciteJack Binns
22/01The first perovskite – Calcium TitanateCalcium titanateWilliam Brant
22/07An aromatic mineral – CarpathiteCarpathiteHelen Maynard-Casely
12/10Celebrating Laue – very tiny crystalsCerussiteHelen Maynard-Casely
22/10Trademark this mineral!ChalcopyriteSara Callori
05/04Deadly crystal structures – ChrysotileChrysotileHelen Maynard-Casely
28/08Do try this in your own home! Copper sulfate pentahydrateCopper sulfate pentahydrateGarry McIntyre
20/03The crystal structure rainbow – Orange crocoiteCrocoiteHelen Maynard-Casely
11/07A mineral often mistaken for a fossil – cryptomelaneCryptomelaneHelen Maynard-Casely
08/04April Birthstone: Unlucky for some … DiamondDiamondHelen Brand
23/08A surprisingly important structure - DiopsideDiopsideHelen Maynard-Casely
09/09Ekanite – a mineral that will amorphise itselfEkaniteHelen Maynard-Casely
23/05May's Birthstone: Could you actually build an Emerald city?EmeraldHelen Brand
26/04Bath salts on the moons of JupiterEpsomiteHelen Maynard-Casely
03/09Damaging buildings from within - EttringiteEttringiteHelen Maynard-Casely
18/04What is our planet made out of? (1) FeldsparFeldsparHelen Maynard-Casely
06/10All of the symmetry - <em>P</em>-3<em>c</em>1: Fluocerite-(La)Fluocerite-(La)Helen Maynard-Casely
02/07A mineral of history – FluoriteFluoriteHelen Maynard-Casely
19/09Biominerals #3 – Francolite, a mineral in fossilized Dinosaur bonesFrancoliteHelen Maynard-Casely
13/04Hearing radio waves with galenaGalenaHelen Maynard-Casely
10/01The structures behind birthstones – January GarnetsGarnetHelen Brand
12/07A world cup inspired post – GermaniteGermaniteHelen Maynard-Casely
04/10All of the symmetry – <em>Cm</em>: GerstleyiteGerstleyiteHelen Maynard-Casely
03/11Collect enough minerals and someone will name one after you! – GibbsiteGibbsiteHelen Maynard-Casely
08/08Raw mineral of a legend – GoethiteGoethiteHelen Maynard-Casely
23/10Goosecreekite – The most unusual mineral name?GoosecreekiteHelen Maynard-Casely
21/01The 'desert rose' crystalGypsumHubert Chevreau
14/09A mineral from Iceland – HeklaiteHeklaiteHelen Maynard-Casely
28/02A structure determined by Linus Pauling – HematiteHematiteHelen Brand
19/06A crystal structure you eat with! HydroxylapatiteHydroxylapatiteHelen Maynard-Casely
06/01Snow joke – January’s Ice structure, Ice IhIce IhHelen Maynard-Casely
08/02Stranger than fiction – Ice IXIce IXHelen Maynard-Casely
04/06The two-coloured rock – IoliteIoliteHelen Maynard-Casely
11/06Lacking in iron? – Iron (II) sulfate heptahydrateIron (II) sulfate heptahydrateHelen Maynard-Casely
07/12A greenstone – JadeiteJadeiteHelen Maynard-Casely
10/04Hero and a villain – JarositeJarositeHelen Brand
03/06A play on colours – LabradoriteLabradoriteHelen Maynard-Casely
11/09September's birthstone: your choice, Sapphire or Lapis LazuliLapis lazuliHelen Brand
12/09Where does all the lithium come from? – LepidoliteLepidoliteHelen Maynard-Casely
28/01Kathleen Lonsdale and her mineralLonsdaleiteHelen Maynard-Casely
23/04What is our planet made out of? (6) MagnesiowüstiteMagnesiowüstiteHelen Maynard-Casely
16/08Bright spark – Magnesium OxideMagnesium oxideHelen Maynard-Casely
17/09Biominerals #1 – MagnetiteMagnetiteHelen Maynard-Casely
11/11Common beauty – MalachiteMalachiteHelen Maynard-Casely
01/06A specially named perovskite, MegawiteMegawiteHelen Maynard-Casely
17/11What are comets made out of? One potential ingredient: MeliliteMeliliteHelen Maynard-Casely
30/07An Earth and Mars mineral – Meridianiite MgSO4.11H2OMeridianiiteHelen Brand
08/05Mirabilite: 'The Miracle Salt'MirabiliteHelen Brand
20/09Biominerals #4 – The wonderful world of silicaMoganiteHelen Maynard-Casely
01/05Something to mull on – MulliteMulliteHelen Maynard-Casely
09/02You can see through it – MuscoviteMuscoviteHelen Maynard-Casely
28/11Surreal Microscopic Environments – Negative CrystalsNegative crystalsWilliam Brant
19/04What is our planet made out of? (2) OlivineOlivineHelen Maynard-Casely
10/10October birthstone: Opal. When is a crystal not quite a crystal?OpalHelen Brand
06/07A formerly very exclusive mineral – PainitePainiteHelen Maynard-Casely
27/06June birthstone – PearlPearlHelen Brand
22/08August Birthstone: PeridotPeridotHelen Brand
12/11A mineral imposter – pseudomalachitePseudomalachiteHelen Maynard-Casely
14/05Putnisite: Brand New and Completely UniquePutnisiteSara Callori
16/02Fool’s gold – the structure of PyritePyriteHelen Maynard-Casely
20/01A mineral that came down to Earth – pyroxferroitePyroxferroiteHelen Maynard-Casely
14/01Quartz: Dear Indi – Let me in next time!!!QuartzHubert Chevreau
17/08To the ends of the earth and beyond – the search for 'impossible' quasicrystalsQuasicrystalsHelen Maynard-Casely
21/04What is our planet made out of? (4) RingwooditeRingwooditeHelen Maynard-Casely
09/07What is the Rutile structure?RutileHelen Maynard-Casely
19/12It's making a list – SantiteSantiteHelen Maynard-Casely
28/05Selenite – Crystal CathedralsSeleniteWilliam Brant
22/04What is our planet made out of? (5) Silicate perovskiteSilicate perovskiteHelen Maynard-Casely
24/04What is our planet made out of? (7) Silicate Post-perovskiteSilicate post-perovskiteHelen Maynard-Casely
07/03Classical crystal structures – sphaleriteSphaleriteHelen Maynard-Casely
08/12Mineral in pink – SpherocobaltiteSpherocobaltiteHelen Maynard-Casely
24/09The world’s most underappreciated gemstone – Red SpinelSpinelWilliam Brant
22/11Sign of an impact – StishoviteStishoviteHelen Maynard-Casely
06/02A crystal for after a shower – TalcTalcHelen Maynard-Casely
28/12Decorative, but a little deadly – TorberniteTartaric acidLauren Macreadie
22/06Sounds edible, but isn't - TobermoriteTobermoriteHelen Maynard-Casely
26/11November's birthstone – Orange TopazTopazHelen Brand
09/12The final birthstone of the year: TourmalineTourmalineHelen Brand
06/09A powering mineral – UraniniteUraninite (pitchblende)Helen Maynard-Casely
29/03A very rare gem – UvaroviteUvaroviteHelen Maynard-Casely
08/11It takes two – VateriteVateriteHelen Maynard-Casely
30/11A crystal sandwich – VermiculiteVermiculiteHelen Maynard-Casely
20/04What is our planet made out of? (3) WadsleyiteWadsleyiteHelen Maynard-Casely
18/09Biominerals #2 – Weddellite (in Antarctica and in you!)WeddelliteHelen Maynard-Casely
08/03Classical crystal structures – WurtziteWurtziteHelen Maynard-Casely
16/04X is for xenotimeXenotimeSam Duyker
20/02How old? – The crystal structure of ZirconZirconHelen Maynard-Casely